• How do I submit my film?

    Login and create an account on Light This Location’s home website, the upload page will guide you through the necessary materials needed to participate.

  • What does one location mean?

    Your entire film should take place in one space. This can be a building like a house or a store, or a single terrain like a river or a forest. There is some flexibility to this, but judges will award points to films that are able to stay in a single room or geographical point.

  • How will films be judged?

    30%: Originality and Creativity
    20%: Quality of the Cinematography
    20%: Adherence to Rules
    10%: Quality of the BTS Video
    10%: Quality of the Floor Plan
    10%: Use of Product

  • How long can my film be?

    It must be under five minutes. Credits are strictly prohibited so your entire film must fit within this submission time limit.

  • How do I have to use the secret word?

    Yes, the word “Accent” must be audibly used in your film. It can be the name of a character, a line of dialogue or even a sound effect if you want to get zany, but we need to hear it as a part of the story and it does affect judging. Your behind-the-scenes video should point this out as well.

  • Why won't my film upload?

    Patience young Padawan! Depending on your internet speed and film’s length – your upload time could take a while! Google Chrome is recommended for uploading, as a status bar will indicate your progress in the lower left corner. Rest-assured, if using other browsers, your submission is loading, even if the browser bar is not moving. Please allow up to 20 minutes depending on file size. Upon a successful upload, you will be auto-navigated to another page to review your uploads. Remember that only files of 500MB or less are able to be uploaded. NOTE: If you continue to experience upload failure, please reach out via Instagram or Facebook messenger.

  • Why can’t we include credits?

    For fairness in judging, we ask that you do not include credits or any mention of your name or production company in your film. That said, you may and are encouraged to include this info in your behind-the-scenes video. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Can everyone enter this competition?

    Almost anyone may enter, but there are some exceptions. For instance, past or current employees of Aputure or any of the companies involved with Light this Location may not enter. For more info on this, please refer to our Official Rules.

  • Do I have to submit a narrative film?

    Nope, you may submit whatever you like. It can be a music video, a commercial or even an experimental video. However, you should know that all previous winners have been narrative.

  • Do I have to use Aputure products to enter?

    Nope, you may use any lighting or filmmaking equipment to enter. However, 10% of the submission will be judged based on your use of product from brands of this competition. So we encourage you to research the gear from our Partners and mention it in the behind-the-scenes if possible.

  • Are any countries available to participate?

    Almost all countries may participate in Light this Location 2019, but there are some exceptions. To find out if your country is ineligible, please visit our Official Terms and Conditions.

  • I can’t find a region that includes my country. How do I enter?

    Submit to the one region that is closest to your country. (i.e. Entrants in Australia should be submitted to Asia-Pacific.)

  • Can I submit a film that was not created specifically for Light This Location 2019?

    No. You must submit an original film created for Light this Location 2019.

  • Can my entry contain any graphic imagery?

    Creativity is encouraged, but your film may not contain excessive nudity or imagery that is too graphic. Our judges will determine whether a submission must be disqualified for this reason.

  • When is the last day to submit a film?

    Submissions will be closed on November 11th, 2019 12:00AM midnight (PST)

  • I’m having trouble submitting my entry. What do I do?

    Give us a message at Community@Aputure.com.

  • Is it okay if my film isn’t in English?

    Absolutely. Regional films will be judged by regional teams. However if you are selected as a finalist, you will need to include English subtitles so our judges can watch your film.

  • Should I message the judges, bother them and ask them if they can pick my film?

    No. Any submissions that try to cheat the system or persuade any of the judges will immediately be disqualified.

  • Are there any other requirements? Anything I might have missed?

    Possibly! Please make sure to see our Official Terms and Conditions so you have all of the info.