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North America Runner-Up

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The Candyman

Young rebel 'Andy' fights to protect his waitress girlfriend from mass deception caused by a pink-suited mob lord known as 'The Candyman'.


Jace Hardwick, Connor Griffin, Andrew Baer, Zach Argue, Yoyo Smith, Jeli Krissia, Hannah Stockinger, Mark Wilder, Alec Ohlaker, Jack Armstrong, Kendra Sorani, Gunnar Goding, Christina Turner, Andrew Etzweiler, Alex Cho, Bailey Roberts, Connor Griffin, Rebecca Baliko, Adam Crampsey, Hunter Feller, Corry Williams, Andrew Bartkus, Nicholas Janzen, Alexio Mah, Samuel Moyle, Ryan Jachetta, Luke Jensen, Alec Salerno, Cynthia Garcia, Annabel White, Megan Alisha, Makayla Smith, Hannah Sanford, Ashley Logue, Yesenia Siria, Kyle Venberg, Townsend Dick, Rhys Robertson, Kaylee Sommers, Jalen Sur.

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Red Epic Dragon

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