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Limbo is the first narrative project that Andre Pilli wrote and directed. The subject of this film is slavery and the ethics of AI. When robots gain consciousness will it be right for humans to control them?


Anna Mendes, Guilherme Fróes, Victor Alencar, Leonardo Armelin, Elisa Romero, Léo Possatti, Claudia Boseli, Rogério Troiani, Guilherme Chapina, Naiara Erotides, Joana Leonzini, Carol Pires, Gustavo Freitas, Thiago Marcondes, Lee Fortes, Delcio Gomes, Felipe Sabino, Gabriel Mielnik, Bruno Candiotto, Celso Donizete "Deda", Daniel Augusto Alvez "Rasta"

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