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Africa Runner-Up

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What would you do if you found yourself in front of the big boss, el patron, the creator. And especially, what if you have to tell him you are not okay with his way of working...


Stephanie Nirlo, Frank Garrec, Guillaume Begue, Gregoire Jablonski, Victor Euphrasie, Marc Lanne-Petit, Emile Cervia, Guillaume Bouvard, Dimitri Moy De La Croix, Beryl Coutat, Alexia Blasin, Warren Hasawa, Arnaud Xiemenes, Serge Payet, Marine Herve, Tibault Koch, Shwan Williams C, Svvn, Brooke Waggoner, Pierre Delattre, Patrick Hebert, Myriam Charroy, Adrien Diss, Myriam Chiramonti,

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Panasonic GH5

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