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#lightthislocation #South America Limbo


Limbo is the first narrative project that Andre Pilli wrote and directed. The subject of this film is slavery and the ethics of AI. When robots gain consciousness will it be right for humans to control them?
#lightthislocation #Europe The Collector

The Collector

A Collector is sent to claim a past due electricity bill at a bizarre nightclub, where he quickly discovers why it has become the latest “craze”.
#lightthislocation #North America Man Out Of Time

Man Out Of Time

Man Out Of Time tells the story of Max, a solitary machinist with a peculiar profession. Some people steal information from vaults, Max steals information from the future. One night, when Max is rudely awakened by his criminal employers who insist on conducting their operations in person, Max must decide between being complicit in their criminal acts or choosing an alternate future. Luckily for him, the future can surprise you.
#lightthislocation #Asia Pride / 自豪

Pride / 自豪

This film aims to portray the struggle a prideful music student faces when her mentor decides to put her to the test against another of his outstanding student. Ultimately, This story touches the rawest emotions of all, greed. Using dramatic lighting, the film explores the artist struggle with jealous and confidence when her musical talents are been questioned.
#lightthislocation #Asia Pacific Shelter


Shelter is a science fiction story following Cora and her trusty A.I. Shel that inhabits the shelter she lives in. After discovering some information, a newly stolen data chip, both Cora and shel must fight for their lives as a shadowy organization wants it back.
#lightthislocation #Africa Paladins and Prejudice

Paladins and Prejudice

A comedic narrative short film about an unlikely group of people coming together to play a fantasy role playing game... However, escaping the real world is not a simple quest.


#lightthislocation #North America The Candyman

The Candyman

Young rebel 'Andy' fights to protect his waitress girlfriend from mass deception caused by a pink-suited mob lord known as 'The Candyman'.
#lightthislocation #North America Deleted


You know those emails from the 90's? The classic chain mail that promises everyone you love will die if you don't forward it to 15 people within 24 hours...? This is the story of one such email. 
#lightthislocation #North America BURNT


After a mission goes wrong, two agents seek help from an underground Doctor and receive more than they expected.
#lightthislocation #Europe Uitweg (Way Out)

Uitweg (Way Out)

An entangled criminal carries out his last job when he unexpectedly gets company by an unwelcome guest.
#lightthislocation #Africa FIAT LUX


What would you do if you found yourself in front of the big boss, el patron, the creator. And especially, what if you have to tell him you are not okay with his way of working...
#lightthislocation #South America Limitless Imagination

Limitless Imagination

Lucas is a small kid with a big head for dreams and imagination, and nothing is going to stop his dreams.
#lightthislocation #Asia Pacific Baby


Claude has been ostracised from society for his scientific thesis on shared consciousness. Under the pressure of his failing health, and knowing the importance of his findings, he creates a clone to continue his work. But these things can be tricky.
#lightthislocation #South America PRESAGE


Narrates the story of an adolescent which becomes a reflection of their mind, at the time of drug consumption.
#lightthislocation #Asia Net Practice

Net Practice

Net practice is a film about loyalty, love, and self realization. It is always said that we need net practice before any final match but some real life experiences don't need practice it just need your pure feeling and love.
#lightthislocation #Asia CLAIRVOYANCE


Clairvoyance is a story about a pregnant wife who wants to confirm her husbands affair by going to a local shaman.